Welcome to the Older Men’s Network

If you are a man over 50 or you have an interest in Older Man’s Wellbeing then this is the site for you.

The Older Man’s Network is a network designed to give as much information and support to individuals and organisations that want to make a difference to older men’s health and wellbeing.

Developed from the National Fit as a Fiddle project funded through The BIG Lottery Fund the  Older Men’s Project has supported older men and organisations across the UK.

The Network works across 3 main themes:

Physical Activity

Physical Activity not only reduces your risk of diseases such as stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes, but also improves mental health and wellbeing

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Physical Activity

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is about getting the balance right: having enough fruit and vegetables, protein, fibre and starchy foods, whilst not too much fat, sugar and salt.

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Healthy Eating

Mental Wellbeing

Good mental well-being is feeling positive, satisfied, realising your abilities, being productive, managing health issues, able to cope with daily stresses and survive difficult situations.

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Mental WellBeing

Over the last decade the Older Men’s Project has worked with National Partners in encouraging men and organisations to address these 3 main themes.

The work has involved not only highlighting health messages and information to older men but creating activities and groups across the UK that the Over 50’s man can attend.

The Network will share the good practice developed over the last decade and also invite new partners to share their experiences in working with older men.

There will be the opportunity as a member of the network to promote your activities and events on the website and also to work alongside the present partners involved in the network,

If you are an older man seeking activities or information the Network will be able to help or signpost you to someone who can.


Older Men’s Champions

Over the last decade we have developed a one day training course for both staff and volunteers who want to work with older men.

We have now redesigned this training to create the opportunity to  be an OLDER MEN’S CHAMPION.

The Older Men’s Champions will be both volunteers and professionals who have an interest in older men’s health and well-being issues and be the advocate for older men in their community or organisation.

There will be a number of workshops Nationally to attend the Champions Training or training can be tailored to an organisations individual needs.